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Our Story

For over 35 years Architectural Signs & Associates, also known as ASA Graphics, has been providing the North Bay region with creative vision that serves a purpose. Founded by Steffan Gold and Rochelle Zatkin, our company got its official start back in the 1970’s when Mr. Gold designed and executed iconic signs around Sonoma Plaza. Rochelle Zatkin came aboard full time in 1988 when she partnered with Mr. Gold and together, they formed Architectural Signs & Associates.

Mr. Gold was a trained artist whose vision and execution are well- known in Napa & Sonoma Counties, and his paintings, murals and sculptures adorn private and corporate collections all over the world. Sadly, Mr. Gold passed away in 2015.

Ms. Zatkin, today’s leader of Architectural Signs & Associates, has a background in both Business and Design, with ongoing education in Fine Art. Ms. Zatkin is proud to be a female business owner and leader, while doing work that she loves and constantly inspires.